Hello, I am Abhi!!

I'm a savvy Engineer, Investor, and Entrepreneur who thrives on transforming grand ideas into tangible success, all while spreading some love to the community.

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About Abhimanyu!

I bring 15 years of engineering experience to the table, having held several leadership roles including Director of Engineering. In these positions, I've led numerous successful projects and guided dynamic teams toward significant achievements. Beyond technology, I expertly manage a diverse investment portfolio focused on promising startups and real estate. I'm also actively involved in my community, passionately contributing to each initiative I undertake to ensure its success and sustainable growth.


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NYU Tandon School of Engineering

I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the NYU Brooklyn Campus

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Diverse Professional Experience

Throughout my career as an engineer and manager, I have successfully led multiple teams and projects in various domains!

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Investor and Entrepreneur

I oversee a multi-million-dollar investment portfolio that includes equities, startups, and real estate.

Personal Reviews

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“Expert and inspirational strategist"

Abhi is a highly skilled and motivational business solution expert, widely recommended for his deep expertise and inspiring strategic approach.

Rob Heller, IT Expert

“Exceptional architect with grace and reliability”

Abhi is an exceptional architect and manager, renowned for his rare talent combination, grace under pressure, and consistent delivery; a highly recommended colleague I would eagerly work with again.

Gautam Guliani, CTO

“"Exceptional technologist with excellent communication"

Abhi is an exceptional technologist with comprehensive knowledge in software development and business needs, known for his innovative solutions and effective execution. His friendly demeanor and excellent communication skills make him a top talent I would eagerly work with again and highly recommend.

Reach out if you want to create impactful partnership together.

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